12th EFTMS workshop and 1st EFTMS School: Fellowships

A total number of 10 fellowships are granted by the Division of Mass Spectrometry of the
Italian Chemical Society and by Gruppo di Ricerca Italiano Fitofarmaci ed Ambiente (GRIFA) and possibly by other institutions to students for attending the EFTMS 2016 school and/or workshop.

  1. Applications must include evidence of student status.

  2. Each fellowship covers the registration fee and includes a travel/accommodation grant.

  3. The maximum travel/accommodation grant is:

    € 150.00 for students coming from Italy

    € 200.00 for students coming from Europe

    € 400.00 for students coming from out of Europe

  4. Fellowship selection will be made by an international commission.

  5. Payment of the travel/accommodation grant will be made owing to sending of the original
    receipts for travel expenses incurred.

  6. The institutions which awarded the fellowship will not correspond on their decisions.

  7. All recipients of fellowships must produce a one page report highlighting the scientific
    and educational benefits of attendance at the EFTMS 2016.

  8. The institution awarded the fellowship withholds the right to use these reports for
    publicity and host whole or edited versions on their websites.

  9. The provision of the fellowship must be acknowledged in the short oral presentation
    if it will selected by using the logo of the funding institution. This logo must only be used
    for this presentation and must be deleted from the recipient’s computer following
    the presentation.

  10. The applications must be accompanied by:
    a) A short curriculum vitae;
    b) Applicant’s status declared by his/her supervisor;
    c) Title and abstract of a communication to be submitted as poster or oral communication.


Important Dates

Fellowship Request Deadline: January 15, 2016
Notification of Fellowship: January 20, 2016